Be the champion of your ‘as standard’.

James Kindred
2 min readAug 2, 2021


‘It comes as standard’.

That’s a term for cup-holders in cars, or Bluetooth on your smartphone, or Tom Morello using a whammy pedal on a solo.

“How refreshing!”

During a team call with an agency the other week, the Big Drop team were commended on how they’d approached an idea.

A member of the team from the agency commented on what a refreshing way it was to approach things.

It was a lovely thing to hear but, to be honest, we all thought it was the standard way to do things!

Which got me thinking …

How often do you — either as an individual or a business — consider that your ‘as standard’ might be someone else’s outstanding?

How do you champion that everyday brilliance?

What you do naturally could be your USP in a space full of hum-drum mediocrity, passing itself off as ‘just the way it’s done’.

Taking some time to consider what you do, how you work with others, how you produce your work, what you consider a standard approach.

Compare with your peers and competitors. You might surprise yourself (and your customers when you tell them about it).

Discover your unique ‘as standard’, celebrate it, share it with the world.



James Kindred

Founder & CBO of Big Drop. The UK’s biggest independent AF beer brand.